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Canada’s new anti-spam law, should charities be panicking?

Here is a quote from the Government of Canada’s website: Canada’s anti-spam legislation (CASL) does not apply to non-commercial activity. Political parties and charities that engage Canadians through email are not subject to CASL if these communications do not involve selling or promoting a product. There are also further exemptions for situations where such organizations […]

The Arts Consultant: planning for a useful consultancy

So you and/or your Board of Directors is planning a project that will involve the use of an outside consultant or consulting firm.  We’ve all seen consulting projects that have been irrelevant and even terribly disruptive.  We’ve also seen projects that have bootstrapped organizations to the next level or supplied one small key piece of […]

Are you “grant-ready”?

A  great discussion today emerged in the Grant Writer’s Network on Linked In “How do you deal with clients who don’t provide you with the detailed information you need to write the grant?”  This comes up a great deal of the time when organizations ask me to write a grant for one of their projects. Normally writing […]

The Rise of Online Applications

Funders seem to love them.  Grantwriters hate them.  Online application processes. Balky processes: Recently I completed a “Celebrate Ontario” grant application on the Grants Ontario website.  In addition to the “One Key” Log on for the Service Ontario site there is now an additional log on process for Grants Ontario.  I waited 48 hours before […]

Founders’ Syndrome: Why we should all be concerned

What is founder’s syndrome and why does it affect so many smaller arts and non-profit organizations?  Founder’s syndrome occurs when a founder of an organization is not able to transition leadership style as the organization matures and grows.  The founder continues to operate in the same manner as he/she did in founding the organization, seeking […]

Grantwriting Basics

There’s a lot about writing grant applications that crosses international borders and disciplines. I have written successful grant applications since about 1985 for projects as disparate as women’s fitness programs, community centre building upgrades, the establishment of a foodbank, the founding of a community music school, building improvements for a Black History museum, a Jewish […]
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