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Contact Contemporary Music Sept. 18

Mary-Katherine Finch, violoncello Wallace Halladay, saxophone Sunday, 18 September 2011 8pm Gallery 345 345 Sorauren Avenue www.gallery345.com www.contactcontemporarymusic.ca With Ryan Scott, vibraphone Allison Wiebe, piano Chang, Dorothy Walk on Water (2004) Canada/USA, b. 1970 Lemay, Robert Tie-break (2011) * world premiere Canada, b. 1960 Denisov, Edison Sonata for alto saxophone and violoncello (1995) USSR/Russia, 1929-1996 […]

Sept 11 Burlesque fundraiser for Fringe Show “Infinitum”

ELEFANT II On Saturday September 10th, The Cheshire Unicorn will be hosting a Burlesque and Fashion Show Fundraiser to help raise money for their upcoming production, Infinitum. Along with inspirational BURLESQUE and AERIALS SILKS performances by their talented and sexy cast, attendees can witness and participate in an exciting INFINITY AUCTION and cutting-edge THAI TEXTILE […]

Of interest to northern ON theatre artists and students

IMPACT THEATRE (Sioux Lookout)is pleased to announce another great workshop in Acting, Writing, and Directing for Film happening in Sioux Lookout, September 30-October 2, 2011. We welcome all established and emerging artists between the ages of 13 to Adult within Northwestern Ontario to participate! The goal of this workshop is to build the skills and […]

Beside Myself @ Artscape Wychwood Barns Sept 6-11

Artscape Wychwood Barns 601 Christie Street, Toronto, ON (Christie just below St. Clair) Meet in Barn 2 Covered Street Toronto, ON New collective, Tones of Voice in association with the Goethe Foundation Toronto, is pleased to announce the debut of besidemyselfworld, a multi-disciplinary solo piece based on the autobiographical writings of the German autistic mute […]

Pam McConnell on Toronto’s Libraries

Councillor McConnell’s message (in response to an email I sent her earlier) is clear and takes a stand against library cuts AND the whole direction of Mayor Ford. She does not believe that we should be “participating in a race to the bottom.“! Way to go, Pam! You have my vote! ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Thank you for […]

Stratford Festival announces Michael Langham Workshop

Call for submissions from Canadian directors for 2012 The Michael Langham Workshopfor Classical Directiona director training program with emphasis on classical text Michael Langham – Artistic Director of the Stratford Shakespeare Festival, 1956·1967“Michael Langham was a cherished mentor and leacher, the intellectual architect of theStratford Shakespeare Festival and a master of his art. His visionary […]

Diab update from TASC

Despite incredibly “Weak Case,” Hassan Diab Forced to Keep Resisting Extradition to France report from Matthew Behrens of the Campaign to Stop Secret Trials in Canada, tasc@web.ca July 12, 2011 – Dr Hassan Diab is a Canadian university professor fighting for his freedom, and for his life. The French government wants him to face trial […]

Pollinators Festival, Saturday June 25th

Calling all artists who love the birds and bees! The Pollinators Festival is coming to Evergreen Brick Works on Saturday June 25th, 2011. The Festival is in honor of International Pollinator Week and seeks to raise awareness and appreciation for the birds, bees, flies and butterflies that pollinate our fruits, veggies and flowers. We want […]

Toronto Fringe Festival launches Creation Lab

It’s More Than Just a Theatre Festival: Toronto Fringe Launches Creation Lab! TORONTO – On May 5 Toronto Fringe Executive Director Gideon Arthurs announced an exciting new development to Toronto’s theatre scene – The Fringe Creation Lab at the Centre for Social Innovation Annex. The Fringe Creation Lab features over 3,000 square feet of creation […]

Young Artists: Leadership Training in Mural-making

Youth Artists are invited to apply forOff the Wall: Leadership Training in Mural Making – 2011 CERTIFICATE PROGRAM A free training program for leadership development in mural art production and project management. For youth mural artists APPLICATION DEADLINE: 5:00 p.m. Tuesday, April 26, 2011 Class schedule: May & June – Tuesdays, 4pm – 6pm. Start […]
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