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Why Bread and Roses?

As I try to explain my resume to people that I’ve never met before, I frequently find myself going back to the old labour song, “Bread and Roses”. I’ve worked for about equal number of years in social justice/political advocacy roles and in arts management. To me these activities are two sides of the same […]

Here from There

In the picture on the right here are some of the littlest protestors. Their signs proclaim their “Right to Play” This photo was taken at International Children’s Day celebrations in Varanasi India. In such a world it seems hard to justify the time to blog. Whenever anyone would talk to me about their blogs, they’d […]


One of the roses in my life currently is artist Prashant Miranda. Prashant volunteers his time and talent for World Literacy and has become a friend. He’s currently in India where he has been doing some work with literacy programs there and also been doing some spiritual seeking of his own. From time to time […]

blogging about blogging

These days to post about my life would be to blog about blogging as I have mainly been filling my idle hours working on the PrashArt blog at http://prashart.blogspot.com I thought I would join the 43 Things Website http://www.43things.com/ to help motivate me to do more with my life, get more organized. This site allows […]

Amnesty communicates with style and wit

I love the internet when it communicates important messages with style, wit and all the bells and whistles of the medium. This video from Amnesty International entertains, informs and horrifies and has an important message but its send up of tele-shopping is also hilarious! http://www.protectthehuman.com/teleshop/guns/ Bread and Roses Life, L. Rogers

Bloom–Post Apocalyptic Mystery and Madness

In the Theatre Centre, Queen and Dovercourt, Toronto until March 19, 2006 Thanks to the generosity of our colleagues at War Child Canada I was able to attend this play with a powerful socially relevant piece of theatre from a highly professional Canadian stage company. Here’s my thoughts. In a series of crisp vignettes, playwright […]

Michael Franti: I Know I’m not Alone

Michael Franti’s journey to the Middle East is recorded in the film I Know I’m Not Alone . His trip to play some music, chat to some people, jam with other musicians and see for himself what’s happenin’ seems like such an ordinary thing for an artist to do. However when it is the war […]

In the Company of Women

This past week I actually managed to get myself to a LEAF (Women’s Legal Education and Action Fund) Toronto meeting after months of schedule conflicts that have prevented me from getting there and helping push along the work of this organization that has been key to so many important court decisions and educational initiatives impacting […]

Rabbi Michael Lerner speaks in Toronto

Last night, April 4, at Innis Town Hall at the University of Toronto, Rabbi Michael Lerner–author of The Left Hand of God: taking back our country from the religious Right—tackled a question a lot of us on the political Left ask from time to time. Why do working class people so often vote against their […]

Employed or self-employed? False-self employment is a growing poverty and equity issue for women workers.

Asked recently by the LEAF National Committee to complete a survey that included a recommendation of an issue warranting study by this national organization working in the area of women’s legal issues, I suggested the issue of false self-employment. This is a growing issue for workers, affecting far more women workers than men, and one […]
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