Ottawa Days of Action to End Canadian Involvement in Torture, October 24-26

Join the CSI: Ottawa Days of Action to End Canadian Involvement in Torture, October 24-26We Cannot Let Canadian Individuals and Institutions Get Away With Torture In addition to many reasons [...]


Muslim & American Extremists censoring Art

In the Time magazine article Indonesia’s Artists vs. Muslim Extremists,by Jason Tedjasukmana, the author decries the “Talibanization” of Art in Indonesia. He recounts a story of [...]


Abousfian Abdelrazik Speaks in Toronto

Forwarded from TASC Delist and Desist!Stop Canadian Involvement in Torture.Abousfian Abdelrazik Speaks in TorontoWith an Introduction by Dr. Sherene Razack Thursday, October 8, 2009, 7:15 [...]


Rogers Communications television advertisement promotes ageism

“My name is Mary, and I’ve just discovered the Internet, but I know it is the future” said the gray haired woman on a recent Rogers Communications television advertisement. As [...]


Conference for the Cuban Five

more information at: Canadian Network on Cuba Bread and Roses Life, L. Rogers


Bottled Water Boycott

I have been viewing with interest the development of a broadbased boycott of bottled water. When the United Church of Canada announced their endorsement of a boycott of bottled water, the issue [...]



Maybe because yesterday was my birthday I’m thinking about the ageism that I’ve been encountering in recent years. The Ontario Human Rights Commission asks the following: Have you [...]


Michael Franti: I Know I’m not Alone

Michael Franti’s journey to the Middle East is recorded in the film I Know I’m Not Alone . His trip to play some music, chat to some people, jam with other musicians and see for [...]


Here from There

In the picture on the right here are some of the littlest protestors. Their signs proclaim their “Right to Play” This photo was taken at International Children’s Day [...]