“I’m Not the Indian you are thinking about” at Harbourfront

Michael Crabb reports today in the Toronto Star on “I’m Not the Indian you are thinking about” from Red Sky. Since I first worked with Sandra and Carlos at Red Sky in 2003 on [...]


Bloom–Post Apocalyptic Mystery and Madness

In the Theatre Centre, Queen and Dovercourt, Toronto until March 19, 2006 Thanks to the generosity of our colleagues at War Child Canada I was able to attend this play with a powerful socially [...]


Amnesty communicates with style and wit

I love the internet when it communicates important messages with style, wit and all the bells and whistles of the medium. This video from Amnesty International entertains, informs and horrifies [...]


Why Bread and Roses?

As I try to explain my resume to people that I’ve never met before, I frequently find myself going back to the old labour song, “Bread and Roses”. I’ve worked for about [...]