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7  Steps to a Successful Grant Application 

Top Question No. 1

What do you need to be grant-ready?

  • Have a clear project outline that is consistent with your organizational Mission and has buy-in from stakeholders
  • Have a workplan outlined with key dates
  • Have all needed documents (audited financials, insurance certificates, board lists, incorporation documents, bios of key project staff) ready to be provided to the grant writer
  • Designate a contact person within the organization to answer questions and provide any missing information to the grant writer
  • Have a plan for needed signatures, copying and mailing of grant application once the grantwriter sends you a final copy

Top Question No. 2

How much does it cost and will you write grants for a percentage of the grant amount?  We cannot write grants on a percentage basis because 1) most funders do not allow grant funds to be used for work undertaken before the grant is awarded and many prohibit the use of grant funds for fundraising purposes.  Therefore accepting a portion of a grant as payment is fraudulent, could result in the funder requiring the grant to be re-paid by the organization. 2) It is also not allowed by professional organizations such as the Association of Fundraising Professionals.

We enter into contracts on 3 models:

1.  Long term consulting contract

2.  One-time grant writing projects contracted 2 months before due date.

3.  Emergency grant-writing projects requiring urgent work . (premium rates apply)

We are able to give our clients the best rates by personalizing your contract.

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